Give your car the Ultimate Touch

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Give your car the Ultimate Touch

Who We Are

At Ultimate Detailerz me and my team bring a professional approach to maintaining cars and giving top of the line, international quality surface treatment and detailing for your car at affordable prices. I am someone who loves cars and own cars and welcome those who really care for their rides! BTW  this is all done in between the time I get from hitting away on the keyboard sitting in our cubes at our full time day jobs!!

About Us

This is a venture of an IT professional who wanted proper treatments for his cars. Having gotten frustrated at the lack of options i decided to import material and use on own cars. What started as an offering for self and friends is now available for others- we are looking at people who really want quality treatment and not a cheap polishing job. Save yourself from being fooled and cheated in the market from sub standard and improper offerings floated in the name of "Teflon Coating" and get the REAL International Standard DETAILING done on the surface

Before the Ultimate Touch and AFTER!

Before "she goes to the spa" and AFTER!!!

Why Us?

If you want a totally unique experience with car owners who are passionate about their own rides, working on your car, call us. We are not mass market players doing this purely for money and are only looking at limited cars as we do not want to compromise on quality. Today our clients range from a Maruti 800 to a Ferrari- 100% satisfied. Check out our image gallery to see our work and the cars we have given the "Ultimate Touch". Dealing with us you would have transparent and honest dealings with no attempts at up selling, misguiding.

We not only offer the surface treatment but also educate on how to maintain. For us its a simple policy- if you cannot maintain, do not get ANYTHING done and save your money!