Give your car the Ultimate Touch

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Car Care Gyan

It does not have to be a Merc or a BMW to be taken care of. Does not matter whats your ride, a clean and well kept car talks a lot about the owner and also goes a long way in its service to you. We spend so much to buy it, spend a little time and effort and money to keep it nice and clean! 

Does not mean you take a pro-detailing service like ours, we strive to educate people to keep their investments in good shape.

An important tip: If you CANNOT maintain the finish, don't waste your money on getting ANYTHING done, just follow some simple steps! Sounds weird coming from someone who is running a business...well we are as you would say- a little crazy ;)

Gyaan No 1. How often to wash- daily?Wash your car with a car shampoo and not the hair shampoo, the car does not have hair !!! Car shampoos have special cleaning agents that do not abrade the paint surface

Gyaan No 2. How to keep a car swirl free? Do you want the truth? Ans: Don't touch the car at all ! Yes the only way is this. However you can keep the swirls to minimal by using a car duster to remove dust daily and using a quick detailer with a good quality microfiber to wipe down. When washing, use a wash mitt with 2- bucket method

Gyaan No 3.What should i do on regular basis? I can't spend money on detailing..well don't worry, you will not hear from us- " Saar, get teflon coating with xxx years warranty, it will protect and keep it shiny for months!!". KISS- ( Keep it simple simon)- Just use a shampoo to wash and use a good wax/sealant every 20-30 days and maintain. Plastics will need protectant every 15-20 days. Clean your alloys regularly and that's it. Needless to say- do not smoke inside the car ;)

Gyaan No 4. Nothing more, drive safe and don't drink and drive!!!