Give your car the Ultimate Touch

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So what next?? Do i call them?

Interested in our services?  Get in touch with us via email or phone. We do not believe in getting a request via a form and then reverting as we think those who love their cars, will pick up the phone and call!!! We are NOT expensive and NOT cheap. We are value for money.

Do we only do high end cars?? NO...For us an Alto owner is as valuable as a Ferrari owner as long he loves to take care of his ride. We value that and not the category of the car!!

Contact Information

Ultimate Detailerz
Phone: 9845056728
Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation
We operate all days between 10-8PM. That said we are always ready to receive a call from someone who call himself a car enthusiast! Do note, its a part time operation still and driven by enthusiasm more than pure business so please keep that in mind ;)

Any car lovers home is our address ;)