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Services and Offerings

Choose from the following or call us, we will give you the best advise in town. It will be honest and sincere, 100%.

2 Step Cleaner Protection

"See- i really want to maintain my car, but i got a tight purse and wife does not allow to spend a lot ;)"

We got the BEST polish your money can buy. Not the local cheap stuff but a proper cleaner cum protection polish. 
Prices start at 1,500 only! 

We do the following:

  • Claying
  • Cleaner cum protection polish- from those who make one of the best quality cars( germans)!!
  • Plastics Protection
  • Tyres and wheels( Subject to conditions)

New Car Paint Protection

I got my new ride!!! But wait, dealer says- "Get Teflon coating, it will protect the new car surface". Should i go for it, is it needed?

Get your new car protected ASAP. Most people believe that a new car does not need any surface treatment which is a huge myth. Have you seen the way cars are stored in yards? If you do, you will know what all can fall and bond with the new paint and cannot be made out unless shown. 

We do the following:

  • Claying
  • Premium Protective Polish
  • Premium Polymer Sealant
  • Tyres and Wheels clean up and Dress
  • Plastic Protection 
  • Head light and Tail light protection
Prices start at 2,500 onwards. Time Taken : 2-4 hours

Swirl Removal ( Rejuvenation) and Protection

Over a period of time the car surface loses its shine and gleam. Daily washing and nature effects create a haze over the surface. Using premium quality compound we safely get a new layer of paint out and then protect it!

We do the following:

  • Claying
  • Premium Compound Polish
  • Premium Polymer Sealant
  • Tyres and Wheels clean up and Dress
  • Plastic Protection 
  • Head light and Tail light rejuvenation
Prices start at 4,000. Time taken 3-5 hours

Annual Package

Our unique annual package offers year long peace of mind. We customize it based on your needs and budget and offer the HIGHEST value visit free, underlying our policy that we are for those who are passionate about their cars and not a "pure business"

Our Annual Package starts at 8,000 and goes on to 25,000 based on the car and the "craziness level" of the owner ( read that - interest in maintaining)

NOTE: We also do wet sanding, mineral/water deposits removal from logos and edges, however the cost of that is extra and NOT covered in any package above.

The Ultimate Dazzle - Special Coating Treaments done Exclusive!

"I am crazeeee about my car, and i want it to look like a JEWEL in my crown."

 Special HIGH END Glass and ceramic coating done, you will be blown away! Using the best material available and imported, an experienced hand will make your car stand out and be resistant against washing, detergents, acid attack, even bird droppings for a year or more( subject to maintenance). 

Call for more information and visit my facebook page for some mind blowing pictures!

What  brands do we use? will not find a local ,cheap one here 






Four Star

Car Pro




Lake Country


So does this mean we are expensive?? us and see our prices match the market!

Hey, i got so many doubts, any FAQs???Here you go..

  1. What you do is it Safe? How much will it cost?

We Use internationally certified material what is approved for use by leading manufacturers. We have serviced all car makers and what we do is perfectly safe for any car. Cost depends on the package you choose, we start from a simple polish, to paint protection to full treatment. Email us with your requirements for a quote.

  1. How long will the treatment last?

ANY treatment in the world cannot last unless there is proper maintenance. We not only are interested people getting their cars treated but ALSO maintaining like we do for our own cars and provide simple tools and ways to easily maintain the finish for as long as 6 months

  1. Is this the same as Teflon Coating?

There is NOTHING called as Teflon that is applied on cars. Commonly called this, it’s a loosely used term. None can do Teflon on cars unless its heated to very high temperature where the car plastics itself will melt! Only surface protection coats can be applied on cars